About Us

Who We Are

Women-founded by a mother-daughter trio, we are a Canadian conscious business and nature-connected lifestyle brand focused on the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Prosperity.

Our vision is a better world, with a circular economy that puts People and Planet first, an equitable society, and a healthy environment, where sustainable nature-connected living is the norm, not a niche. 


Our Mission & Impact 



We help reconnect your human-nature™ with nature-inspired artwear and artdécor that is sustainable, unique, and gives back to at-risk wildlife.

By purchasing our products, you make a statement and a difference in the fight to save wildlife by protecting critical habitat and endangered animals, insects, and plants. 

We started our mission in 2021, inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and the issues we care about most: human-caused environmental degradation - especially wildlife destruction, with over 35,000 species threatened by extinction - and the human-nature disconnect that contributes to it. We believe that human reconnection to nature is needed to help solve the global environmental crisis, and that art has the power to reconnect us.




Our official partnership with renowned environmental nonprofit Rainforest Trust represents our transparent and accountable pledge to our customers to make the most effective use of their dollars to protect global biodiversity. As a Rainforest Trust corporate sponsor and Conservation Circle member, we annually donate at least $1200 USD, regardless of sales or profits, which might sound small, but is huge to a new business like ours. In addition to our yearly corporate sponsorship, we commit to donate 10% of our net profits to the Rainforest Trust Conservation Action Fund (CAF). 

So far, our donation has protected 1,195 acres of tropical forest and other critical habitat, home to many rare and endangered species, and kept 176,262 metric tonnes (mT) of carbon dioxide equivalents safely stored. 

You can verify our official partnership by finding our logo on Rainforest Trust's website or visit our blog to see our official Corporate Donor Certificate. 


Our Values

Our values are inspired by our vision and mission, and act as the guiding star for all our decisions.

  • Sustainability & Conscious Consumerism
    • Pursue economic, social, and environmental sustainability
    • People and Planet first
    • Action, even if imperfect, beats inaction because each small change helps transform the world towards sustainability
    • Buy less, buy better: fewer new products, with a longer life cycle; more used and recycled products; unique instead of mass-produced products; minimalist instead of maximalist products; and purposeful products that improve the world
  • Individuality, Community & Globality
    • Make a statement and a difference with your purchases
    • Be a good global citizen, both human and corporate
    • Embrace diversity and inclusivity
  • Quality & Affordability
    • Be quality and price conscious, as well as environmentally and socially conscious
    • Optimize value, to ensure universal access to sustainable products
  • Integrity & Collaboration
    • Earn trust, by being transparent, genuine, and accountable
    • Pull together, to make a bigger difference
  • Passion & Courage
    • Engage, energize, and inspire others
    • Nurture an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Creativity & Simplicity
    • Maximize creative expression and creative thinking
    • Use the power of art to reconnect humans to nature
    • Less is more
  • Impact & Give Back
    • Focus on results, not just actions
    • Be a change-maker and measure your impact
    • Use profits and purchases to do good
  • Education, Learning & Continuous Improvement
    • Teach what you know
    • Learn new things
    • Use new learnings to be and do better


Our Products

We offer sustainable artwear and artdécor that is nature-inspired, minimalist, and purposeful in that it helps you reconnect your human-nature™️ and gives back to the environment, especially endangered species. 

We aim for our sustainable products to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. Our products are unisex, age-inclusive (baby to adult), size-inclusive (baby 3 months - adult 4XL), affordable, and offered at different price points, and we do our best to ship them in sustainable packaging. 


Sustainability Features


Sustainability matters to us! That is why it is one of our core values, and why we strive to provide you with the sustainable and high-quality artwear and artdécor you deserve.

Our products meet at least 1 of these 2 criteria:

  • Sustainably processed – how it’s made (farms/forests, mills, factories, and printers)
  • Sustainably madewhat it’s made of (materials)

Sustainably processed products have these sustainability features:

  1. Stewardship
  2. Responsible Methods
  3. Fair Trade
  4. Made to Order

Sustainably made products have these sustainability features: 

  1. High Quality Materials
  2. Natural, Renewable Materials
  3. Recycled Materials
  4. Water/Plant-Based Inks or Non-Toxic Dyes
  5. Recyclable or Biodegradable/Compostable Materials

We rank and filter our sustainable products based on the number of sustainability features they have:

Gold Star: 7+ Sustainability Features

Silver Star: 5-6 Sustainability Features

Bronze Star: 1-4 Sustainability Features

While all our products are affordable, our Gold Star products often have a higher price tag than our Silver or Bronze Star products because they have more sustainability features. This means we pay a premium for them, since they cost more to manufacture.

Learn more about our sustainable products.


Collection 1: Tattoo Art - Endangered Species


Our first collection is sustainable, exclusive tattoo artwear and artdécor by independent global artists that features endangered species. Our initial drop features 11 species that are endangered per official lists such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red list: dragonfly, elephant, gorilla, owl, polar bear, rhinoceros, seahorse, tiger, turtle, whale, and wolf. 

Learn more about each endangered species.

Our collaboration with independent tattoo artists, who have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, is a win-win. We get customized, original designs that are a unique artistic statement, and the artists Zlatko, Milan, and Jesus of Custom Tattoo Design get their work seen by and promoted to a new audience.


Collection 2: The Mallorn Project™ Logo


Our name and logo are inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium, specifically by the Golden Wood that is made of huge silver-barked and gold-leaved trees called “mallorns” (“mellyrn”), whose branches hold the City of the Trees. Our logo was designed by independent Canadian artist Derek Evernden.


Our Customer

Our customer is anyone who is:

  • A conscious consumer
  • A nature or animal-lover
  • An individual who craves creative self-expression
  • An art lover, especially tattoo enthusiast
  • A person who aspires to live a nature-connected lifestyle

We don’t just think of you as a buyer of our products. When you make a purchase, you join The Mallorn Project community of citizen-consumers looking to make a statement and a difference by protecting endangered species. Be part of the movement to save wildlife and make sustainable, nature-connected living a norm not a niche!