What is the “6th Mass Extinction” and why should you care?

⚠️ Many scientists believe we are living through the 6th mass species extinction event in the Planet’s history and the first one to be primarily caused by humans (“anthropogenic”). It’s our fault!
👤 Human activity that drives species extinction includes habitat destruction, over-consumption of species as resources, and exterminating species that humans view as threats.
🥀 Species extinctions include microorganisms, plants, and animals (e.g., amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals, and reptiles). The current extinction rate is about 1,000-10,000 times higher than natural extinction rates.

‼️ Due to these extinction trends, scientists have declared a “biodiversity crisis”. It is as dangerous as the mutually reinforcing climate crisis, but it gets comparatively little attention.
‼️ Without major mitigation action, species population decline and extinction rates are expected to accelerate in future. 1/4 of species – around 1 million – face extinction, many within decades!
‼️ All species are connected, so the alarming rate of biodiversity loss threatens crucial ecological functions that sustain human and non-human life. Some scientists predict recovery from the 6th mass extinction could take 10 million years.

❤ We can take action to stop mass extinction. From action comes hope, not the other way around!
👥️️ Needed action is individual and collective.
🗣 Vital individual actions are speaking up for wildlife and wild places and changing lifestyles (e.g., buy less, buy better). Key collective actions include the “Protecting Our Planet Challenge”, a $5B commitment by 9 charities – like our official partner Rainforest Trust – to conserve 30% of the Planet by 2030.

🌱 Share this information if you care about solving the linked biodiversity and climate emergencies. Engaging and educating others is one way to help change the ending of our own story!