Did you know the world’s *most massive* known organism is an Aspen Grove?!

🌳 Medium-sized deciduous trees, 20-80 feet tall and 3-18” diameter, that live 100-130 years.
⚪ Bark is smooth, various shades of gray to white, and can become rough with age.
🍂 Leaves turn bright yellow in the fall and rustle in the lightest breeze, making a whispering sound, hence the name “Quaking Aspen”.

🌱 Endures wildfires and reproduces by both seeds and root sprouts (“suckering”), which results in genetically identical trees (together a “clone”) ranging in size from less than an acre to over 100 acres and with a lifespan of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of years!
🌎 Found throughout North America, in diverse environments and regions.
🦌 Home to wildlife like hare, moose, black bear, elk, deer, and birds.

🧬 In Utah, consists of more than 40,000 trees that are genetically identical and share a single root system.
💪 Of global aspen clones, it is the largest (over 100 acres), heaviest (about 14 million pounds/6600 tons), and oldest (estimates range from 10,000 to 1 million years).
🥀 Dying, primarily due to human interference; restoration efforts underway.