Biodiversity hotspots like MADAGASCAR matter! Saving them is crucial to solve the Extinction-Climate Crisis and heal our Planet.

🌎 Biologically diverse and threatened terrestrial area.
🌏 Specifically, a region with unique species and habitats where 70% of the original habitat and vegetation have been destroyed.
🔥 36 known hotspots, covering only 2.5% of Earth’s land surface, of which 8 are in Africa, including Madagascar + Indian Ocean Islands!

🌄 Visually stunning home to an incredible array of wildlife, of which 90%+ - 11,000 species - are found nowhere else on Earth (“endemic”)!
🌳 Endemic plant species include the Baobab Tree (6 of world’s 9 species) and Traveler’s Palm.
🐾 Endemic animal species include 100+ Lemur species – almost all threatened with extinction (like Aye-aye, Ring-Tailed Lemur and Greater Bamboo Lemur which are “Endangered” and “Critically Endangered” per the IUCN Red List) – Fossa, Tenrec, Jabady, Madagascar Flying Fox, and Ploughshare Tortoise.

❗️Human threats: habitat destruction, hunting, poaching for illegal pet trade, over-use, climate change, and invasive species.
❗️Natural threats: cyclones and droughts.

🛟 Conserve Madagascar’s biodiversity and ecosystems, thereby protecting benefits humans get from them (“ecological services”) like regulating climate and supporting local economies.

🎬 Act! Because from action comes hope, not the other way around. What actions can you take?
🤝 Join #GenerationRestoration and support ecosystem restoration initiatives where you live.
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