Every. Action. Matters.

Every. Action. Matters.

"Talk about positive, constructive solutions, because the biggest thing we're missing right now is hope. Where do we find hope? We find it when we go out and act."

This quote by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy, is about how more people can be brought into the conversation about the global environmental crisis, especially the linked biodiversity and climate crises.

What does science tell us? 
1. These crises are real, threaten the future of our Planet and People, and require an urgent solution.
2. The solution is profoundly changed human behaviour, both collective (to “institutions”) and individual (to “lifestyles”).

But the problem is so big, and the solution so complex. As an individual, the situation seems hopeless, so we feel afraid and helpless, and we experience “disaster paralysis”, meaning we don’t translate our awareness into action. 

How do we overcome disaster paralysis? 
1. Acknowledge our hard emotions about the biodiversity and climate crises.
2. Use our feelings to fuel action and fight for what matters to us! 
3. Identify impactful actions we can take toward 3P Sustainability, both individual and collective. 

And from action comes … hope!