Real – meet the RAINBOW EUCALYPTUS tree, often called a “living work of art”!

🌈 Multi-coloured bark with intense colour range. Colours can take 10+ years to appear; each season bark peels off in strips to show neon green inner layer that ages into different colours as it is exposed to air.
🌳 Native to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, in tropical rainforests, but planted in many other countries as ornamental trees and for use as timber and pulpwood to make white paper.
🐨 Only eucalyptus tree that is indigenous to the northern hemisphere and grows in rainforest, and 1 of only 4 eucalyptus species that lives outside Australia.
👀 Fast-growing (3 ft per season), massive (up to 250 ft high, 8 ft in diameter, and 125 ft spread), long-living (up to 150 years), aromatic fragrance (from oil-producing glands in leaves), and naturally resistant to pests and disease.

😎 As it ages, branches curve up at ends creating a flat spreading crown that provides shade.
🐝 Produces white flowers, pollinated by bees, that become fruit (“gumnuts”) containing seeds smaller than an ant.
🕊 Attracts birds.

⚠️ Threatened by logging and use for firewood in its natural habitat.
⛔️ Considered an invasive species in some non-native places, meaning it threatens native plants.