The world is a scary place. There are so many global crises that it’s hard to get started on fixing them. “Disaster paralysis” strikes us and, as a result, we don’t act. Collectively or individually. 

One way to avoid disaster paralysis is to pick your battles and fight for what matters most to you. This means choosing what global crisis you will strategically spend your limited time on earth fighting to solve. 

We fight for what matters most to us: solving the intertwined biodiversity and climate crises together, with collective and individual action toward 3P Sustainability (People, Planet, and Prosperity). 

Our mission is to save wildlife and make sustainable, nature-connected living a norm not a niche! Every purchase of our sustainable artwear and artdécor gives back to Rainforest Trust, an environmental nonprofit that makes the most effective use of your conscious consumer dollars to protect global biodiversity. So far, our donations have protected 600 acres of tropical forests and other critical habitat and kept 88,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents safely stored.