How do we overcome “disaster paralysis” that stops us translating our 💡 awareness of the linked biodiversity and climate crises into 💪 action?
1️⃣ Acknowledge our hard emotions about these disasters. It is ok to feel grief and fear.
2️⃣ Use our feelings to fuel action and fight for what matters to us! 
3️⃣ Identify impactful actions we can take toward 3P Sustainability, both individual and collective. 

Every action matters, and *from* action *comes* hope, not the other way around!

We are inspired by these words of Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy:

“The world has changed before … when ordinary people…decided that the world could and should be different … We are the people who changed the world before: and we are the people who can change it again.”