Is eco-anxiety paralyzing you from acting toward solving the Extinction-Climate Crisis? We’ve been there and we hear you. Just start… somewhere… anywhere!

🤜 You have the power to help solve the Extinction-Climate Crisis, by taking individual action!
🍰 We’re not sugar-coating this catastrophe. Tacking it needs collective as well as individual action, but every single person can be part of the solution.

🎬 Start wherever you are. Any action is better than none!
🧐 Decide what actions are right for you.
👣 Take small steps.
👏 Aim for progress not perfection.


❶ GET INFORMED about the Extinction-Climate Crisis and how action toward 3P Sustainability (Planet, People, Prosperity) – by individuals like you, businesses like us, and governments – can help solve it.

❷ ADOPT a 3P Sustainable lifestyle by reconnecting your human-nature, reducing your carbon footprint, buying less/better, and practicing the 7Rs of waste management (rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, rot, recycle).

❸ TALK about the Extinction-Climate Crisis and solutions with other people that care. This can be hard when we’ve got political differences! We love climate scientist @katharinehayhoe’s advice: focus on connecting heart-to-heart based on our common values and how the crisis affects what each of us cares most about in our lives.

❹ MAKE NOISE by using your voice to raise awareness about wildlife and wild spaces and to push governments and businesses to act in ways that save our ecosystems.

❺ JOIN “ActNow”, the UN Campaign for Individual Action on climate change and sustainability.