The Planet’s most incredible locations were created by nature! These “natural wonders” sustain diverse ecosystems. Today’s featured natural wonder: the Amazon River!

🌳 Defines the Amazon Rainforest, an ecoregion made up of 2 ecosystems: aquatic (water-based) and terrestrial (land-based). 
💦 World’s disputed longest river (at least 4,000 mi/6400 km), widest (30 mi/48 kms in some parts), most voluminous (greater total flow than the next 6 largest rivers combined), and most biodiverse. In wet season, the current can travel over 4 mph/6.4 kmh!
🌏 Located in South America, flows from west to east, starting in the Andes Mountains of Peru (“Amazon River source”), and empties into the Atlantic Ocean (“Amazon River mouth”). The offshore area where the river’s freshwater mixes with ocean saltwater (“Amazon plume”) is massive and contains a coral reef system. The area drained by the river (“Amazon basin”) is the largest on earth, covering about 7 million km2 and 35.5% of the South American continent.

🐾 Home to many wildlife species that are exclusive to it and endangered. Key species are: 
🐬 Mammals: Pink Dolphin, Giant River Otter, and Amazonian Manatee 
🐟 Fish: Piranha, Arapaima, and Goliath Catfish
🐢 Reptiles: Giant Amazon River Turtle and Green Anaconda Snake
🐸 Amphibians: Poison Dart Frog and Giant Cane Toad