The Planet’s most incredible locations were created by nature! These “natural wonders” sustain diverse ecosystems. Today’s featured natural wonder: the Bay of Fundy!

🇨🇦 1 of “7 wonders of North America”, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean located on Canada’s east coast halfway between the north-pole and equator.
🌊 Highest tides on earth and extreme tidal lows. Twice each day, sea level rises over 50 ft (5-storey building) and 160 billion tons of seawater rushes in/out, exposing the sea bottom and sculpting amazing shapes like giant flowerpots out of coastal rocks!
🌏 Change from low to high tide takes 6 hours and is so powerful it reverses the flow of several rivers that empty into the Bay, looking like a big wave up to 6 ft high traveling upriver at speeds up to 15 km/h (“tidal bore”) that leaves rapids up to 12 ft high in its wake.

🦖 Diverse billion-year-old coastal landscape, with cliffs, rock formations, caves, tidal rivers, semi-precious minerals and gems, and dinosaur fossils including trilobites and Ice Age mastodons.
🐳 Whales (Humpback, Finback, Minka, and extremely rare North Atlantic Right), porpoises (Harbour), dolphins (White-Sided), and seals.
🕊Migratory shorebirds feed on vast tidal flats each summer.

❗️ Commercial ships' fatal collisions with North Atlantic Right Whales.
❗️ Pipeline and tidal energy projects that threaten habitat of marine mammals and seabirds.
❗️ Human activity like disturbance of mudflat ecosystem, water pollution, habitat change (e.g., land development and damming of tidal rivers), and climate change.