The Planet’s most incredible locations were created by nature! These “natural wonders” sustain diverse ecosystems. Today’s featured natural wonder: Pamukkale (Cotton Castle)!

🌎 UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Denizli, Turkey. 
🌎 Brilliant white travertine formation shaped by calcite-rich springs that is about 9,000 ft long, 2,000 ft wide, and 525 ft high. Water cascades down the mountainside through petrified waterfalls and terraced turquoise thermal pools. 
🌎 Ancient Greek-Roman city of Hierapolis (Holy City) was built on top of it.

🌎 Home to wildlife species including: 
🐺 Grey Wolf, Jackal, Brown Bear, Chamois, and Wild Boar 
🐦 Great Bustard and Finsch’s Wheatear

❗Travertine terraces have been damaged by tourism, erosion, and water pollution.