"Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved."

This quote by Dr. Jane Goodall, pioneering Chimpanzee researcher and conservationist, is about:
💡 Learning more about wildlife where we live, so that
🫂 We feel more connected to nature everywhere, so that
💕 We care enough to help save it, now!

🧠 Dr. Goodall’s discovery that animals have personality, intellect, and emotion puts an end to the idea of human exceptionalism. We are part of nature.
🏞 This has huge implications for how we treat wildlife and the environment. It has never been more important since we’re running out of time to solve the linked biodiversity and climate crises.
🤯 But since the facts about biodiversity loss and climate change are so scary, there’s real danger we’ll run out of hope that our actions will make a difference, give up, and do nothing (“disaster paralysis”).
🌟 We’re inspired to hope and action by Dr. Goodall’s message that “if we get together now, there is still a window of time. And… every single day each one of us lives, we make an impact on the planet and we get to choose what sort of impact we make.”
♻️ We can all live (more) 3P sustainable lives and do our best to create a healthier Planet and better future!