Did you know that sustainable travel is not just about the environment? It’s also about the social and economic impact that travelers have on communities. 

How to travel more sustainably:
🏡 Stay close to home, to lower your carbon footprint 
🏘 Pick a sustainable destination or one that needs your support (e.g., rebuilding after disaster) 
👣 Invest in a carbon offset for your transportation 
🕓 Travel off-season
🏕 Stay in sustainable accommodations – beware greenwashing! 
🏞 Support responsible wildlife experiences 
👟 Travel slow 
👨‍🌾 Hire a local guide 
🛍 Shop and eat local 
🔋 Limit energy use and conserve water 
👜 Buy quality luggage and pack smart
🎒 Bring your own sustainable travel kit (e.g., reusable utensils and water bottle) 
🧺 Bring a quick-dry travel towel 
☀️ Use coral reef-friendly sunscreen 

Our sustainable artwear and artdécor featuring endangered species give back to Rainforest Trust, which prevents destruction of critical habitat through the creation of protected areas. Protected areas safeguard biodiversity, and many are “hotspots” for sustainable tourism.