Unphotogenic (“ugly”) species at risk of extinction don’t capture human interest or affection – they’re “unpopular” – so people don’t care about protecting them. Unpopular species must be saved too!

🐻‍❄️ Popular species are photogenic, cute, and cuddly animals that capture our attention, so we care about conserving them. Examples are elephants, lions, polar bears, tigers, and whales.
🦇 Unpopular species include the blobfish, which is famous because it was named “most hideous species” by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society in 2013!
⚠️ Nature conservation is chronically underfunded, and donors favour popular species (“charity beauty premium”), which get a disproportionate amount of available dollars.

🙈 The Blobfish is “ugly mascot” champion for all unpopular species, which are equally worthy of our attention and protection!
🙉 Saving unpopular species is essential to halt the 6th mass extinction and preserve biodiversity.
🙊 Diversity between and within species is critical for survival of our Planet and People.

🦨 Key to conserving unpopular species is getting to know them and understanding their crucial role in healthy ecosystems. Good press does wonders because it drives public support and fundraising success for conservation efforts!
⁉️ The Umbrella Effect is an idea routinely advocated by conservationists that protecting popular species will also save unpopular ones that share their habitat. But research suggests popular species often aren’t the best umbrella species for their habitat.
🌏 That is why we support Rainforest Trust’s creation of protected areas, which save popular and unpopular species!

🌱 Join our mission to save ALL wildlife and make sustainable nature-connected living a norm not a niche.