What is the UN RESOLUTION ON CLIMATE JUSTICE and why should you care?

⚖️ Fair distribution of environmental benefits/burdens and addressing unequal impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations.
⚖️ Element of environmental justice, which calls for fair, inclusive solutions to fight the environmental crisis.
⚖️ Key to 3P sustainability (Planet, People, Prosperity), as it ensures environmental efforts promote social equity and every human’s long-term welfare.
⚖️ Needed mainly by marginalized countries and communities, who suffer worst effects of climate change due historical/systemic injustices, did least to cause it, lack resources to adapt to it, and are excluded from decision-making.
⚖️ Achieved by implementing inclusive climate policies and actions, empowering vulnerable communities, fostering global cooperation, and prioritizing just transition to clean energy.

📜 On March 29, 2023, the United Nations (UN) adopted a landmark resolution to get a legal opinion from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to clarify states' duties to act on the climate crisis and legal consequences of inaction.
💡Co-sponsored by 130+ countries, but not US.
🎬 Spearheaded by tiny Vanuatu, which is threatened by climate change-driven sea-level rise and extreme weather events, and Pacific islander youth activists!

🧐 Experts say it’s hugely important: 

☆ "This resolution centers human rights and intergenerational equity when addressing climate change – two critical points that have been missing from much of the dominant discourse." ~ Shaina Sadai, Union for Concerned Scientists advocacy group
☆ "An opinion from the ICJ] would assist the General Assembly, the UN and member states to take the bolder and stronger climate action that our world so desperately needs." ~ UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres
☆ "While the opinion from the world’s highest court will not be binding in domestic courts, establishing international legal rules can be influential on judges and governments. It also represents the first attempt to establish climate action obligations under international law, which advocates hope will strengthen climate-related litigation by helping vulnerable states and advocates hold countries accountable for their action and inaction." ~ The Guardian

👏 You can contribute to climate justice! Each individual action contributes to collective effort to achieve climate justice and create a 3P sustainable world.
🧠 Some ideas: ☆ educate yourself/others ☆ adopt sustainable practices ☆ support vulnerable communities ☆ promote inclusivity ☆ vote for change ☆ engage in activism ☆ collaborate ☆ support climate justice organizations