Vote with your dollar to be a “conscious consumer”, meaning a person who makes buying decisions based on 3P Sustainability: Planet (environmental sustainability), People (social sustainability), and Prosperity (economic sustainability)!

🗳 What does this mean? Don’t buy what you don’t need, buy 3P Sustainable products, and support businesses that pursue 3P Sustainability (“triple bottom line” business model). In other words, “buy less, buy better” because the marketplace is your ballot box!
💵 3P Sustainable products often cost more, so voting with your dollar is a privilege for those who can afford it.
👍 As consumer demand for 3P Sustainable products goes up, supply will increase (so more available) and prices will drop (so more affordable), boosting their accessibility for everyone.

🛍 No! Shopping will not save our Planet.
🌏 But most of us need to buy stuff to survive. Voting with your dollar is one way to take individual action toward 3P Sustainability, which is vital to solve the linked biodiversity and climate crises. Every action matters, from action comes hope, actions add up, and individual actions trigger collective action (industry standard 3P Sustainability)!
☀️ Voting with your dollar includes viewing clothes and décor as ways to make a statement and a difference, by choosing items that express who you are, are 3P Sustainable, and give back to the environment.