Who are we and what’s in it for you?



🌳 Conscious, nature-connected lifestyle brand + movement to make sustainable nature-connected living a norm not a niche.

🫶 Reconnecting human-nature, together with other action toward 3P Sustainability – People (social sustainability), Planet (environmental sustainability), Prosperity (economic sustainability) – is essential to solve the extinction-climate crisis!

🔑 Our name and logo are inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium, specifically by the Golden Wood made of huge silver-barked and gold-leaved trees called “mallorns” (“mellyrn”), whose branches hold the City of the Trees. Our logo was designed by independent Canadian artist Derek Evernden.



🌎 A better world, with biodiversity and without climate change, where human-nature is reconnected and sustainable nature-connected living is the norm, not a niche. Together we can make it a reality!



🐾 To help solve the extinction-climate crisis, by empowering you to reconnect your human-nature and take other action toward 3P Sustainability.

🛟 We aren’t sugar-coating this catastrophe. Tackling it requires individual and collective action, but every single person can be part of the solution!

🙏 We know eco-anxiety makes it hard to get started. It can be paralyzing, until you decide to channel it into meaningful action, which brings hope (not the other way around)!



You can make a difference, by starting your 3P Sustainability journey wherever you are and reconnecting your human-nature. 

Here’s how we help:

👕 WEAR & SHARE WHAT MATTERS, with our sustainable nature-inspired artwear and artdécor, uniquely designed by global ARTivists, that: expresses who you are and what you stand for, raises awareness about the extinction-climate crisis, and funds environmental conservation by Rainforest Trust.

📚 LEARN about the extinction-climate crisis. We translate the complex science and policy into something everyone can understand.

👀 GET INSPIRED to act, by conservation success stories, endangered species profiles, natural wonder highlights, sustainable wildlife adventure features, and spotlights on impactful 3P Sustainability actions around the globe.

👥 JOIN a growing movement and community of People who share our mission.

🗣 MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD & HELP US ADVOCATE on the urgency of public policy that mitigates the extinction-climate crisis.