Art has the power to reconnect our human-nature, which is crucial to help solve the global environmental crisis. Tattoo art is an ancient art form that uses skin as a medium, inserting inks to make a design. Wildlife tattoos have always been popular. Professional tattoo artists are incredibly talented, and the best ones are highly sought after by clients around the world. 

Many people who appreciate tattoo art do not want the lifelong commitment of a traditional tattoo. Unfortunately, the tattoo design aesthetic is rarely brought to non-skin mediums like “artwear” (wearable art) and “artdécor” (visual or experiential art). 

To fill this gap, we offer sustainable artwear and artdécor with exclusive, original tattoo-style designs of endangered species by real tattoo artists! Our initial drop features 11 species that are endangered per official lists such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red list: dragonfly, elephant, gorilla, owl, polar bear, rhinoceros, seahorse, tiger, turtle, whale and wolf.

Our collaboration with independent tattoo artists, who have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, is a win-win:
✔ We get customized, original designs that are a unique artistic statement
✔ The artists get their work seen by and promoted to a new audience
✔ You get to express yourself without the commitment or high cost of a physical tattoo

Want to learn more about the independent global tattoo artists behind our designs? Visit “About Us”!