"Artivism uses art and other creative methods to express important messages and ideas - environmental, political, or related to current problems - since art has emotional consequences on spreading opinions and raising awareness worldwide." ~ Human Rights Pulse


We believe 🐾wildlife ARTivism🐾 plays a crucial role in tackling the extinction-climate crisis! This quote by Human Rights Pulse explains why art has power to make change.



🖌 “ARTivism” is art + activism, performed by ARTivists (artists + activists).

🗣 “Wildlife ARTivism” uses art and creative expression to push for environmental change and raise awareness, inspire thinking and empathy, and motivate action in the fight to solve the extinction-climate crisis!

📈 It “is a growing trend in conservation” according to Martin Aveling, who has been pivotal in the Wildlife ARTivism movement, because “(t)he human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than text” and “(m)ore and more we find ourselves craving quality visual content”.



💪 Wildlife ARTivism could be more effective than activism, according to some studies!



🤝 Yes! We are an activist brand, working with Wildlife ARTivists and our customers to create change.

🛟 We’re on a mission to help solve the extinction-climate crisis, by empowering YOU to reconnect your human-nature and take other action toward 3P Sustainability – People (social sustainability), Planet (environmental sustainability), Prosperity (economic sustainability).

🦁 We collaborate with global ARTivists on sustainable nature-inspired artwear and artdécor that EXPRESSES who you are and what you stand for, RAISES AWARENESS about the extinction-climate crisis, and FUNDS environmental conservation through our partnership with Rainforest Trust.

❤️ Rainforest Trust has a track record of making a real impact by protecting critical habitat to safeguard threatened wildlife around the world. They know what they’re doing!

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