🏆 In March 2022, Rebecca Cliffe won the 2022 Future for Nature (FFN) Award, given yearly to conservationists under 35 years old.

🦥 Rebecca is a British conservationist working at the Sloth Conservation Foundation she founded to protect sloths – the Planet’s slowest mammal – and their tropical forest habitat in Costa Rica. She creates “safe zones” for reintroducing sloths and “sloth crossings”, a network of tree canopy bridges, to help them cross busy roads that cut into forests.

🦮 Rebecca, known as “Dr Sloth”, will use the prize money to train the world’s first sloth detection dog. Sloths are very hard to find in treetops, making them hard to count and catalog. Since sloths only leave their trees to defecate on the ground, the dog will sniff out that rare sloth poop!

👏 Counting and cataloging Costa Rican sloths will tell us whether conservation efforts are helping, and what their real conservation status is.

🌳 All 6 sloth species live in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. We are proud partners of Rainforest Trust, which protects tropical rainforests that sustain sloths and other endangered species.
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